Membership Eligibility

If you are an individual and want to join Communitywide Federal Credit Union, please call us and we can help you join.
If you are an employer, we can help you set up an employee program.
Call (574) 239-2700.

You are eligible for membership as a Donor Member of:

  • Michiana Goodwill Boosters
  • Marine Corps League
  • Project Impact

You are eligible for membership as Employees Or Retirees Of:

  • Adams Engineering Company
  • Alpha Baking Company (Kreamo)
  • American Truck Transport Equip., Inc.
  • A M General Corporation
  • Allied Screw Products
  • ARA Services
  • C. C. Kelly and Son
  • Copyright (St. John' s Bus. Machines)
  • Corrugated Paper Products
  • CWRV Transport
  • Goodwill Industries of Michiana
  • Hansel Neighborhood Center
  • Harter Supply
  • Home Instead Senior Care
  • Hope Rescue Mission
  • Housing Allowance
  • Housing Authority
  • Industrial Metal Fab, Inc.
  • Jack Post, Inc. (So. Bend Toy)
  • J. H. Jones and Co.
  • JMS Mold Engineering Co.
  • K and F Manufacturing
  • Kokoku Wire Industries (ACCO Industries)
  • Kordell Industries (Niles Chemical)
  • Lock Joint Tube Company
  • Michiana Business Forms
  • Monarch Industrial Towel
  • Morfam, Inc.
  • Mossberg and Company, Inc.
  • New Energy Company of Indiana
  • Newman And Altnan
  • NIPSCO (South Bend Division)
  • North End Cycle
  • Pro Air, LLC
  • Qualex (Fox Photo)
  • Shamrock Ford Trucks
  • Sibley Machine Corp.
  • South Bend Acquisitions (Sibley Foundry)
  • South Bend Plastics, Inc.
  • Steel Warehouse Company, Inc.
  • Syscon International
  • TCI of Indiana (Heritage Cablevision)
  • United Conveyor
  • Unifrax (Carborundum Company)
  • U. S. Govt. Civilian Employees (Working in/or supervised from South Bend except SB Postal workers)
  • Urban League of South Bend and St. Joseph County
  • Wells Electronics
  • Work Force Development (CETA)
  • Y. M. C. A.

You are eligible for membership as a Retiree of:

  • Acme Institute Of Technology
  • Alcoa Building Prod. (Mastic Corp.)
  • Avanti Motor Co.
  • Baker Rubber Company
  • Benko And Sons
  • Coffman Van Conversions
  • Hans Haus (Ranita Grill)
  • Hart of Indiana Inland Distributing Co.
  • Kap, Inc.
  • Koszegi Products, Inc.
  • Michiana Mack Trucks
  • Morningside Hotel
  • O'Brien Corporation
  • South Bend Drug Co., Inc.
  • South Bend Stamping (E W I , Allied Prod.)
  • White Farm Equipment Company
  • Wheel Horse Products

You are eligible for membership as a Spouse Of:

  • Persons who died while within our field of membership

You are eligible for membership as a Relative of:

  • Immediate relatives of qualified members (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandparent, Grandchild)
  • Other relatives who live in the same household as a qualified member